Would you like to work with a charity to help empower rural communities in Berkshire?

Local charity Connecting Communities in Berkshire (CCB) is seeking new Trustees and a Chair to help us continue our work of enhancing, empowering and strengthening communities in Berkshire.

We have over 45 years’ experience in community development work and are an active member of the Action with Communities Rural Network (ACRE). Our core mission is to enable communities in Berkshire to thrive by using our knowledge, skills and enterprise. Our vision is to strengthen, promote and empower communities.

We are seeking enthusiastic individuals that have an interest in working to improve community life in Berkshire to join our Board of Trustees. This is a non-remunerated post however out of pocket expenses are payable. We are particularly interested to hear from people that have skills and/or experience in marketing, PR, public speaking, fundraising or campaigning.

Your skills and experience will be put to use to making a lasting difference in your local communities. If you are retired or due to other circumstances have more time to dedicate then this could be the perfect role for you as we are a small team and do rely on volunteer support to help complete key task and finish jobs.

Alternatively if you have a busy working life then there are only a handful of, mostly evening, meetings to attend a year in which you could attend sharing expertise and provide guidance on important decisions.

Please e-mail admin@ccberks.org.uk or to find out more about us and our current projects please visit our website: www.ccberks.org.uk. To make an appointment for an informal conversation with our Chief Officer Tim please call on the 01189612000.

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