Welcome to CCB

CCB – helping Berkshire communities thrive

Connecting Communities in Berkshire (CCB) is an independent charity with almost 50 years experience in community development work, originally found in 1973 as a Rural Community Council. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in finding solutions that best meet the needs of communities. We develop partnerships that foster good communications, which in turn build engagement and delivery strong, sustainable communities.

We are an active member of Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE) the national body for 38 charitable local development agencies.

Our vision is for all communities in Berkshire to be strong, resilient, sustainable and able to take control of their own futures.

CCB’s purpose is to inspire action at a community level that improves people’s quality of life. We work across Berkshire, with a particular focus on rural areas. We run projects that provide advice, support and training that:

  • reduces poverty & rural disadvantage
  • improves rural health & wellbeing
  • increases digital inclusion & social connectedness

To read about our work please visit ‘Our Projects’.  

To support our work please click here to become a member.


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