CCB Oil Club

Want to save money on the cost of your heating oil? So do we!

The benefits of switching energy supplier as a way of reducing household expenditure is well known. The greatest savings can be made by people able to switch to ‘dual fuel’ tariffs, combining their electricity and gas bills with a single supplier. However, these savings are not available to people forced to use other fuels to heat their homes as a result of being off the gas grid. Many off-gas homes use oil-fired heating and oil can be expensive.

Buying heating oil as part of a collective can help save money. There are many oil clubs operating in Berkshire and members are able to make quite significant savings through bulk purchase. Citizens Advice provides a website able to help people locate clubs near them. Click here to visit the site.

We believe that having a choice over where to shop for fuel is the best way for people to find the best and most cost effective way of buying. To that end, CCB established the CCB Oil Club to increase choice and to ensure that anyone using oil to heat their home had access to at least one opportunity for joining in with collective purchase.

The CCB Oil Club is open to individuals, community buildings or businesses. It takes on the organisation of bulk buying fuel oil and the negotiation of the best price, reducing the cost for members and the time spent on sourcing oil.

By bringing communities throughout Berkshire together and making the most of collective purchasing power, this scheme can make significant savings and pass them directly to you. The CCB Oil Club additionally benefits the environment by cutting down the number of tanker journeys made. By planning deliveries to minimise the use of tankers – especially in rural areas, the CCB Oil Club brings oil to many addresses in the same area at the same time.

All you need to do to take advantage of the scheme is to pay an annual membership fee, from as little as £24, which will cover as many orders as you need during the year. The membership charge goes towards covering the administrative costs of running the projects. Any surplus from the CCB Oil Club will go directly towards supporting CCB’s charitable work.

CCB own the oil club but all communications and the administration are conducted by Oil Fuel Poverty Solutions (OFPS). OFPS was created to work with Rural Community Councils like CCB and other charities to manage, support and create buying groups and to raise issues experienced by rural oil users.

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The prices the Oil Club has achieved for the last 6 months are outlined below. There are orders placed every month other than December. All prices are exclusive of 5% VAT, the month shows the month the oil was DELIVERED rather than negotiated.

Month (delivered in)Members’ PriceMarket Average Price
September 2021£0.4374£0.4601
October 2021£0.5790£0.6395
November 2021£0.5299£0.6639
December 2021£0.5475£0.5810
January 2022 £0.5750£0.6191
February 2022 £0.6050£0.7001
April 2022 £0.9590£0.9747
May 2022£0.9850£1.051
June 2022£0.9895£1.0245

How does it work?

Once OFPS have processed your membership form and you have paid your membership fee, you will be sent an online (if you have e-mail) or paper order form. There is a minimum order requirement of 500 litres. Orders can be placed through a local coordinator (if there is one in your area) or directly to OFPS.

Contact details for OFPS:

OFPS, 5 Courtlands Road,Shipton-under-Wychwood, Oxon, OX7 6DF. T: 01993 225011. E: W:

To view our 2021 order deadlines please click here:

Once your order is received, you can sit back and relax as our negotiators organise the best price from a range of suppliers. You will then be notified of the pence per litre price by either your local coordinator (if you have one) or OFPS.

Deliveries are usually made within three weeks of the order deadline. Always ensure you have three to four weeks of oil in your oil tank when ordering to avoid risk of running out. You pay the supplier directly.

12 month membership costs:

Domestic membership – £24.00
Community buildings – £36.00
Businesses – £120

What’s the snag?

There isn’t one! CCB is a long established and well respected Berkshire based charity. Our aim is to help make oil prices more affordable for Berkshire residents whose fuel costs are high simply because they use oil-fired central heating.

To read the full terms and conditions of membership, please click here: Terms & Conditions 2016.

To view OFPS’s Privacy Policy please here: Data Protection Handling (post GDPR)

For some tips on saving money on heating oil, please click here: heating-oil-advice-handout

For information on avoiding oil theft, please click here: Avoiding Heating Oil Theft

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