Media Trust has launched a free range of digital strategy webinars, specifically designed for charities

The webinar series guides organisations through three core modules. Each module had been designed to address the different stages of developing a digital marketing strategy. 

The webinars, which can be used individually or as a series, include:

  1. Digital Marketing Strategy: The Basics
  2. Content and Tactics
  3. Digital Marketing Channels

Media Trust’s webinars are directed at charities aiming to develop an effective digital marketing strategy and form the final stage of the charity’s Summer Digital Resources Programme.

The programme was introduced in response to the digital skills gap within the charity sector and aims to give more charities access to digital resources.

So far, the programme has included a five-part film series, Digital Leadership Stories and a Digital Marketing Strategy Toolkit.

The toolkit is free to access, via the Media Trust Resource Hub, and includes downloadable templates to enable charities to produce digital marketing strategies. These were developed with funding from DCMS as part of the Digital Leadership Fund.

‘Now is the time to respond to the digital challenge’ 

Jenny Walton, director of charity services at Media Trust, said: “Now is the time for Media Trust to respond to the challenges that charities face, with the digital skills report and NCVO almanac revealing a serious skills gap with many small charities in the United Kingdom.”

Media Trust Resource Hub gives charities access to insights, training and guides from those who are shaping the way charities market and communicate in the digital world.

“At Media Trust, we understand the challenges faced by the sector to adapt to an ever evolving digital space and this is the basis of why we have developed these free online digital resources as a response to the need to bridge the skills gap, ensuring they are free and accessible to charities of all sizes,” added Walton. 

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