The Warm Home discount for 2018/2019 – Claim now!

ElectricityOur Energy Expert Helen Dean wanted to bring attention to the fact that the Warm Home discount for 2018/10 is now OPEN.

Electricity suppliers are now open for applications for the Warm Home Discount of £140. This will be paid this winter 2018, and spring 2019 to low-income customers who are pensioners, families with young children, or have a long-term illness or disability.

For more information on the Warm Home Discount, and how to claim it, visit

For a list of energy suppliers running the scheme, and links to their websites and online application forms, visit

This scheme is run on a first come first served basis, and there is usually only a window of about 3 months from September to make a claim. For some suppliers, even if you have received the discount previously, you’ll need to apply again for future schemes.

For more information on all aspects of reducing home energy costs, see our fuel poverty page by clicking here.

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