Update: CCB Family Home Energy Education & Advice Project

Helen is delighted to announce that CCB has received funding for the CCB Family Home Energy Education and Advice Project from The Sackler Trust and Berkshire Community Foundation. The funding will enable Helen to deliver 39 drop-in advice sessions or talks to groups of families with young children, targeting families on low-incomes. Helen will also be able to deliver 3 talks to frontline workers who directly support low-income and vulnerable families.

Parent champions and Helen FIRST team on 19.9.18 plus Sharon Hodge Co-ordinator

Helen with two of the parent champions from the FIRST team in Slough.

Helen said ‘When this project was delivered last year 67% of families we saw said it was difficult to afford their gas and electricity bills. I’m looking forward to visiting new groups; giving families the skills and confidence to reduce their costs, for example by getting the best deal on their energy’

Helen gave a talk on reducing home energy costs to parents at the baby group at Slough Library, The Curve last week.

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