#VillageHalls Week – save the date!

#Village Halls Week – save the date!

#villagehallsweek will be 22 – 28th January 2019

The theme this year will be ‘Loneliness’

Village Halls and Community Buildings are hubs that create bonds in communities, and a sense of belonging – therefore combating loneliness. If you are a Trustee or volunteer that is involved with running a Community Buildings or Village Hall please get in touch with our Community Buildings Advisor, Kate Meads to with information on:

  • Any events happening that week so we can promote them onTwitter
  • Any story’s of how your village Hall is combatting loneliness?
  • Memories of special moments that happened at your village hall for example both of my children (Kate) attended a fantastic Pre-school in our local Village Hall which was a nurturing environment where they could explore learning and friendships at their own pace.

Email your story to; kate.meads@ccberks.org.uk

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