Do you know any older people in Wokingham who are dealing with loneliness and social isolation?

There is a group of wonderful, committed volunteers in Wokingham who one Sunday afternoon a month arrange for volunteer drivers to take their older guests to a volunteer host’s home where they join a small group for tea, talk and companionship. The group is warmly welcomed by a different host each month, but the drivers remain the same and the groups are kept small so that everyone can join in easily and get to know each other properly. It’s a simple idea, but the impact is immeasurable. (Please note: guests are not expected to host any of the tea parties and the service is free).

At the moment, Contact the Elderly don’t have many older guests in the Wokingham group, and the volunteers are concerned that there are people in the community who would really benefit from this service but have just never heard of Contact the Elderly.

Do you know of anyone aged 75 and over who might like to join the Wokingham group? If yes, please click here:

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