Surviving Winter: Providing Energy Advice to families across Berkshire

CCB received a grant to provide its Family Home Energy Education and Advice Project from Berkshire Community Foundation.

We deliver projects bringing advice and guidance on reducing home energy costs to families, vulnerable groups such as older people, and front-line workers in Berkshire.
Our Project Co-ordinator Helen Dean runs the sessions.

Veronika-Surviving-Winter-beneficiary-200x300Veronika was one of the mums in the Parent and Baby group at The Curve Library Slough that Helen visited to deliver a talk, run by Slough Health Visitors.

Veronika is a single parent on maternity leave with an 8 month old son. After listening to the talk Helen gave on all aspects of saving home energy costs, Veronika applied for the Warm Home Discount of £140, as her income was under £16,010 per year. After her Warm Home Discount came through, Veronika was able to do a cost comparison and switch supplier to save money.

”The £140 I have saved from claiming the Warm Home Discount will come in handy, since my statutory maternity pay has just ended and I am not back at work yet. So literally every penny counts. I definitely feel more relaxed having the heating on and not being worried about a bill coming through. If I didn’t have a baby, I would use heating more sporadically, but I want him to be comfy so I use heating in his room even at night. I’m a single parent so I really appreciate all the saving tips I got from you. Overall, it has been very useful (the advice).”

”I just did the comparison, and I can save £199 per year by switching to a supplier who too offers Warm Home Discount. That’s a significant amount of money! Since I had a baby my electricity usage (and bill) has doubled – combination of heating an extra room and using way more electricity now. So saving this money means I don’t struggle too much paying my bills. Many thanks for tips and great savings – much appreciated!” 


Veronika has also visited one of the links on the postcard Helen gave out to take away, and learned some tips in addition to the ones provided within the talk, on reducing energy use at home. She has decided to insulate her windows to keep the heat in.

BCF’s Surviving Winter Fund focuses on raising funds to support projects just like this one, to find out more visit the Surviving Winter page.

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