Help support your community by becoming a member of CCB

Becoming a member of CCB is an effective and rewarding route to building connections, accessing information and support, and helping to ensure communities like yours are strong, successful and well represented.

How Membership Helps Us

  • Help protect and enhance village halls, community buildings and other vital facilities.
  • Research and improve work to reduce rural isolation and loneliness.
  • Support 405 families with advice and guidance on avoiding fuel poverty and trained 33 front-line workers on how to support their clients with energy advice.
  • Deliver a range of adult community learning training for those living and working in Berkshire on a range of topics that bought benefits communities likes yours. Topics included data protection, social media, emergency lifesaving skills, community organising, energy advice and trusteeship.
  • Continue to write and produce our monthly e-bulletin packed full of funding opportunities and other news articles of interest to Berkshire communities.
  • Act as a credible voice to represent the needs and priorities of rural communities to policy makers including local authorities and national government.

Benefits of Membership

Specific membership benefits you can expect to receive include:

  • Free or discounted training opportunities at our range of courses focused that ultimately focus on strengthening communities.
  • The opportunity to become a CCB Trustee and to nominate and elect members to our Board.
  • An invitation to attend our training conference and Annual General Meeting (1 vote per membership)
  • Monthly e-bulletins and updates on our work including services, events and training opportunities that may be of benefit to you or your community.
  • The opportunity to market your community events, news or local facilities via our e-bulletin and website.
  • Prompt access to the CCB team who will be available to discuss issues affecting your community.

If you decide to support us and our core work – to help Berkshire communities thrive by identifying, raising awareness of and helping tackle local issues and priorities cost of membership is £32 for parish councils and voluntary organisations of £16 for individuals.To become a member today please complete this form:

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