BRAND NEW TRAINING TOPIC! Planning for Change with Community Organising

Friday 21st June, 10am – 4pm, Woolhampton Village Hall. FREE

This FREE training is aimed at anyone that is passionate about their local area and planning for its future. It introduces the basics of community organising and how to organise the community to enact a Neighbourhood Plan and enable positive built development which meets the needs of the community.

We run a course with Community Organisers Ltd in May and during sum up at the end of the day words used to describe the learning experience included: “Fabulous, enlightening, thought provoking, engaging, humanising, educational, insightful, non-judgmental, confidence building.”

Participants will develop their understanding of how, through community organising, we can reach out and build consensus for change around a positive vision for the future of the community. We will analyse where power lies in the planning and development of housing and infrastructure, and start to learn how to use a Neighbourhood Plan to mobilise the community, build power and take action to get the development the community needs. Places MUST be booked:

During the course you will explore:

  • What community organising is
  • The importance of listening to build relationships and uncover issues
  • The power in your community and why it matters when applied to neighbourhood planning
  • How to motivate people to engage with change and neighbourhood plans
  • How to take your next steps in your neighbourhood plan

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