Planning for Change through Community Organising

On the 21st June 2019, 13 people from 9 different communities across Berkshire spent the day in Woolhampton developing new skills to support their work in Neighbourhood Planning. Dot and Helen from Community Organisers Ltd led the day, taking us though a fascinating process that started with listening skills, then examined where power lies within communities, before exploring how to take positive action in planning for the future.

One learner commented how nice it was to meet a diverse group of people passionate about the communities they live in. Another said “The trainers were excellent: knowledgeable, passionate and positive. Community Organising can clearly make a big difference.”

This brand new workshop was based on the Introduction to Community Organising one-day course, but tailored for Neighbourhood Planning groups. Community Organising is particularly relevant to Neighbourhood Planning and so CCB worked with Community Organisers Ltd to tailor their introductory course to be of particular relevance to groups working on developing a Neighbourhood Plan.

The introductory course has been delivered in Berkshire 3 times since July 2018, giving a further 47 people new skills to support their work in their communities. Further, more in-depth training is planned for autumn 2019 and spring 2020, which will offer people the opportunity to experience the main features of Community Organising in much greater depth. Further information on these and other training opportunities will be published here in CCB’s Action for All newsletter. To register your interest in these courses you can also e-mail

CCB is very keen to provide networking and development opportunities for anyone in Berkshire involved with Neighbourhood Planning, developing community assets and affordable housing. Please contact if you are interested in joining in.

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