Silver Sunday: Celebrating Older People: Sunday 6th October

The Silver Sunday concept began in 2012 by the by The Sir Simon Milton Foundation and Westminster City Councillor Christabel Flight. The thinking behind the idea was inspired by a report that found more than a third of people over 75 said they were lonely.

The aim of the project was to celebrate older residents, recognise their contribution to their communities and help them get out and about to meet new people. This year’s Silver Sunday will be held on the 6th October.

The first Silver Sunday in 2012 was a success with 2,000 people taking part in 19 events in Westminster. Since then, the event has grown rapidly with around 1,000 events last year with 50,000 older people participating in events. These events included walking football, art classes, tea parties, dances, tai chi, boat rides and cultural experiences.

CCB supports this day and we hope that you’ll be taking part this year. There are some events taking place in Berkshire like the Silver Sunday Tea Dance at Bupa Thatcham Court (please click here to see if there’s one near you.) but if there isn’t one near you, you can organise an event with a multitude of resources available on their website to help you with this.

Just visit their website to find out more, there is a link just below. On the website, you’ll be able to find an event, find out how to organise an event and learn how to volunteer for the day if you are unable to organise an event.

To take part in this year’s Silver Sunday, you can visit their website by clicking here.

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