Vital Signs Survey- which good causes would you chose to support in Berkshire?

Berkshire is home to just over 911,000 people. Access to safe, healthy environments in which we live, learn, work and play can powerfully affect lifelong wellbeing. But we know that in Berkshire not everyone can participate equally and Vital Signs has reported growing concern about child poverty, pressure on carers, mental health and homelessness. In 2020 we have the additional challenge of Covid-19.

Vital Signs 2020 will explore how people are affected by and can influence environments in Berkshire communities, particularly for those who are vulnerable and at a disadvantage.

Berkshire Community Foundation makes grants to local voluntary groups and charities throughout the county.

This Vital Signs survey is designed to help us understand the priorities of local people towards support for wellbeing and environments throughout Berkshire, to help BCF direct its grant making.

Imagine that within each of the five themes, listed below, you have £100 to donate to good causes, which means you can imagine giving up to £500.

Three lucky winners will each win a £1,000 grant made by BCF to a cause of their choice; to enter this prize draw you must complete at least three out of the five themes.

All the causes are based on actual community organisations active in Berkshire supported through the Community Foundation.

Please click here to complete the survey.

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