Violence Reduction Mentoring

In 2018 the Government published its Serious Violence Strategy
& in 2019 funding was provided to police forces to assist them
in developing their local response to the increase in violent crime.
In support of this strategy, Thames Valley Police have recently provided funding to the Thames Valley Partnership to enable them to expand their existing mentoring programme, New Leaf, so as be able to offer mentoring support to young people and adults that are at risk of exclusion and /or currently within the criminal justice system.

Collaborative Approaches to Preventing Offending and Reoffending by Children (CAPRICORN) published in August 2019 indicates that mentoring can be an effective way to engage with a young person who is at risk of

Mentoring is particularly helpful when a young person does not have a positive role model within their family or support network, where they are socially isolated, have low self-esteem and they struggle to form and maintaining healthy relationships. Starting Point are working with the Thames Valley.

Partnership in providing mentoring for young people:
Any agency that wishes to make a referral should use the New Leaf for Young People referral form:

Article courtesy from Wokingham InVOLve

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