Free Online Training from Get Berkshire Active – Supporting the people around us to stay active through the crisis and beyond

Being active and supporting others to be active has never been more important, for both our physical health and mental wellbeing.

Get Berkshire Active are offering free online training sessions (1 hour) for community volunteers e.g. befrienders, helpers, navigators, etc. and volunteer co-ordinators, to enable and encourage others to be physically active through our everyday conversations. They cover the benefits of physical activity, guidelines, tips, key free resources, and positive conversation skills. Plus offer a digital resource pack following the session.

“I’ll take away how important conversations around keeping active are and the wider impact that can have. I will definitely be more conscious of having more open conversations with my clients.” – feedback from webinar attendee (Slough, 4th August).

To arrange a free session for your team contact

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