Is your home or community building on heating oil? Be Prepared for the Colder months by reading this handy guide

We don’t know yet what kind of winter Berkshire will be in for in 2020-21 yet but the colder months can cause a range of issues for heating oil users and we wanted to share with you some top tips that will help you feel more confident this winter.

Do you need a top up?
With winter being the prime time for heating suppliers, ordering your oil before that rush can save you some pennies. If you will need a top up soon buying your heating oil before the lower temperatures creep in could save you money. Marion at OFPS who manages the CCB Oil Club always recommends buying your oil early in the winter if you can and not to wait until the temperature drops before checking if the tank needs topping up as traditionally prices always rise when demand is greatest. Over the summer months CCB Oil Club members saved over £650 on orders compared to normal prices. Our club is open to anyone on heating oil to join from within Berkshire, saving you money, reducing oil tank deliveries and helping to support a local charity please click here for more details on the club.

Check your heating oil tank for damages
Don’t forget to give your tank a once over as with changeable temperatures in the autumn and winter seasons, any damages that your oil tank may have can worsen due to the weather. Look out for cracks, rusting, tank bulging, distortion, loose/damaged caps and filling points and if you do notice any issues try to get them fixed before leaks and other expensive problems can occur.

Get a boiler service
Your boiler is vital to keep your home warm in the winter, with boiler working less in the summer preparing it for the extra work in the winter reduces the risk of a breakdown. It is recommended that those who have a oil- fired boilers should servuce it twice a year.

Tidy Up
Cut and neaten any plants around your oil tank. Trimming back the plants around your oil tank now will make it easier in the winter to access your oil tank in harsher weather conditions. Foliage and leaves can get into vents and the bund which can cause a blockage. Keep an eye on your plants as if they are overgrown it can make it harder for you to spot any damage on your tank.

Soften your oil tank lock

Making sure your lock is easy for you to access is important as old locks in the winter weather have a tendency to seize making it harder for you to access and lock up your oil. To reduce accidentally leaving your lock open, aim to lubricate you lock before the cold weather approaches.

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