Neighbourhood Watch – supporting you through Covid-19

As Covid-19 rears its ugly head once again we want to remind you that Neighbourhood Watch are here for you.
Keeping your loved ones safe
The most valuable thing we can all do is keep ourselves and our loved safe – pyshically and emotionally. We have a page on our website which signposts where you can get accurate advice and support with your emotional wellbeing.
Supporting your community
There are a variety of ways in which you can support your community depending on your individual situation.
A few ideas are:
• set up a Calling Tree (click here to find out more)
• sign up as a NHS Volunteer Responder
• join forces with a COVID-19 Mutual Aid group
• connect with your neighbours with this Calling Card
• connect with your neighbours with this Kindness Card
• If you are, or you know someone who is, facing loneliness have a look at Neighbourhood Watch’s Loneliness Toolkit.
Beware of scams and crimes
Criminals are using the Covid-19 pandemic to scam the public. To help you avoid becoming a victim, we have highlighted on our website the wide variety of Covid-19 scams and crimes which have arisen, key protection advice and
guidance on how to report these scams.
Community response stories
For further inspiration on ways in which you can support your community, have a look at NW’s Community Response Stories.
To read all of Neighbourhood Watch’s November newsletter please click here.

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