Are you active in your community?

Our role as a community development charity is to support people who are interested in bringing about a better quality of life for their friends and neighbours. We help to build people’s skills and confidence, enabling them to play a bigger part in community life. If you are engaging with us, you’re likely to be one of these people.

We want to connect like-minded people who are interested in learning from each-other and willing to share their stories, in the hope that others may be inspired to take positive action themselves. Community Organisers Berkshire will become a source of inspiration and support for anyone interested in improving the social, economic and environmental conditions of the area they live in. 

CCB is working in partnership with Community Organisers Ltd, a national charity which is the membership body and training organisation for community organising in England. Since 2018, CCB and Community Organisers Ltd have delivered training to 73 people in Berkshire, helping them to take action on causes that matter to them.

If you are interested in learning more about Community Organisers Berkshire, please contact Tim at

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