Safeguarding Village Halls

Our project to help village halls and community buildings ensure that best practice takes place in these venues continues with our national body Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE) at the helm.

Advice and examples of best practices can be found on our website by clicking here. If you have any safeguarding in village halls-related questions please get in touch with us at

So far Kate has already run two in-depth and well attended training webinars on the subject and has received some positive feedback; “An excellent introduction to Safeguarding for Village Hall committees. We have more or less ignored the subject in the past because, wherever you look up about it, it’s always seemed so huge and daunting, especially for a small hall with just a few volunteers running it. To understand that it’s actually going to be straightforward to do is most reassuring. We look forward to the resources you are developing that we will be able to use to create our own policy and procedure in due course. Thank you.”

Again if you have any training requirements in this area please do get in touch.

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