West Berkshire Energy Switch – Sign up to see if you can save

West Berkshire residents are being invited to sign up for the autumn West Berkshire Collective Energy Switch and save on their energy bills.

The scheme runs in partnership with iChoosr. The Big Community Switch offers a no obligation collective energy switching scheme which gives people the opportunity to group together and pay less for their energy. Electric or dual fuel can be switched.

Approximately 12,400 households in West-Berkshire have registered for the scheme since it started, saving in total £701,745 and additionally enabling them access to renewable energy. Switchers in the last auction saved 112 tonnes of CO2 by switching to renewable energy.

Register with the West Berkshire Energy Switch scheme today to see how much money you might save by switching.

A reverse auction will be held on Tuesday 12th October where energy suppliers will compete with their best offers. From Monday 25th October, participants will receive their personalised offer for consideration.

Sign up online at https://info.westberks.gov.uk/communityswitch or if you don’t have internet access by calling 0800 048 8439. You’ll need to have your latest energy bill to hand, as details will be requested in the registration process.

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