Advice for keeping village halls safe this winter

Briefing prepared by our national body Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE) provides an interpretation of the Government’s new Covid Winter Plan to help those managing community buildings.

Over the summer months, many of England’s 10,000+ village halls have reopened for the enjoyment of their local community. Halls like Warton in Lancashire who hosted a Big Back Together Bash celebrating all of the groups who use the building, and Mickleton Village Hall in County Durham who’ve been holding regular creative workshops with rural touring groups to bring arts to their community.

But with the winter months approaching and fears that there may be a more pronounced third wave of the virus, ACRE is urging halls management committees to take note of the latest government guidance for keeping their users safe.

The charity’s briefing sets out some practical measures halls can take to address risks when hiring out buildings based on an interpretation of the government’s preferred approach to managing the pandemic over the coming months. This includes keeping spaces well ventilated, encouraging the use of face masks and continued use of Track and Trace QR codes – although none of these are still required by law.

Deborah Clarke, ACRE’s Village Halls Manager said, “We hope the briefing we have published will reassure volunteers managing village halls that they can continue to serve their community in the confidence that they are doing their very best to keep everyone safe”.

Kate Meads, CCB’s Community Buildings Advisor said; “This is really sensible advice from ACRE that will help village halls and community buildings in Berkshire to manage Covid risks whilst adhering to government guidelines and advice over the colder months .”

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