Do you live in Berkshire and heat your home with oil? Join our club!

For those that are off the gas grid and heat your homes with oil CCB promotes the use of oil clubs to come together with your community and use your bulk purchasing power to reduce the cost of ordering oil, as well as the amount of tankers that are on our roads delivering it.

For those homes that don’t have a local oil club we launched the CCB Oil Club in partnership with Oil Fuel Poverty Scheme (OFPS) in 2012 so that all homes in Berkshire can benefit from group buying.

In the last quarter (July – September 2021) our members saved themselves in total over £1100. We always recommend toping up our tank NOW or as soon as possible before we head into the winter months and the demand, and therefore the price, soars.

If you’d like to know more about our club please click here:

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