Stop Loan Sharks Christmas Campaign

Research carried out by the IMLT has found that Christmas is the second highest reason that people borrow money from loan sharks. This year, there are likely more families impacted financially and emotionally and unfortunately, illegal lenders will look to take advantage of those in difficult situations. We want to stop this exploitation of vulnerable people.

Christmas is meant to be the most wonderful time of year – but for many families trapped in spiralling debt and misery by loan sharks that simply isn’t the case, but with your support we can make this year better for them.

The campaign #AllIWantForChristmas will run across Stop Loan Sharks’ social media channels until December 5. It aims to encourage families to avoid using loan sharks over the festive period and report the crime if they have been affected. It also focuses on informing people about the help available if they are struggling with debt and safer ways to borrow money.

Read more here.

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