New Year Training Opportunities for Village Halls & Community Buildings

Opening of ACRE’S National Village Halls Week

Join CCB for the opening of National Village Halls week at The Victory Hall, Bucklebury – 24th January from 10.30am. (Please note that if we are unable to run this event face to face due to Covid restrictions with will run online)

We are honored that Lord Beynon is opening NVHW this year in a Berkshire Village Hall

The opening is followed by some useful training.

Village Hall Finances

Training will focus;

Funding/Budgeting/Planning/Project Management (Village Hall Refurb/building projects) – Lessons learned & experience shared

Online Booking Systems – Demonstration by Hallmaster

Smart Energy Management Systems – Demonstration by Heating Save

To book your place please use the Eventbrite link;

Training will begin at 12.30pm after the official opening of NVHW and a light lunch which we would like to invite you to join us for.

Safeguarding for Community Buildings in Wokingham Borough
Safeguarding is everyone’s business – make sure you understand your part in keeping vulnerable children and adults at risk safe.

We recommend that everyone in Wokingham Borough involved with running a Community Buildings or venue attends this Safeguarding session. It will provide valuable updates and information on responsibilities for Safeguarding and if you do not have a Safeguarding Policy, we will ensure you get a model document and all the information needed to create your own.
When: 16th February 2022, 11am – 1pm
Where: Online
Booking Link:

Hallmark Level 1 for Halls in Wokingham Borough

Hallmark Levels 1 – 3 are quality standard marks for Village Halls & Community Buildings

They demonstrate to your Community and stakeholders (e.g. Insurance Companies, banks & funders) that your building meets the basic standards (L1) through to exceptional standards (L3) of quality provision.

They also act as an internal audit to reassure Trustees/Management Committees that they are meeting legal obligations and serving the community as directed by their constitution.

Hallmark 1 focuses on the management and administration of the charity.

When: 7th March 2022. 11am – 1pm

Where: Online

Booking Link:

Hallmark Level 2 for Halls in Wokingham Borough

After you have achieved HALLMARK 1, you can attend HALLMARK 2 training. After attending this course and a short site visit you could attain a HALLMARK 2 certificate.

Hallmark 2 focuses on health, safety, security and licenses.

When: 27th April 2022, 11am – 1pm

Where: Online

Booking Link:

Other training (further details to follow)

Hallmark 2 Quality Standards West Berkshire Halls
Health & Safety, Security & Licenses
When: 8 June 2022 11am
Where: Padworth (to be confirmed)
Booking Link:

Low Carbon Community Buildings
If you did not attend the last webinar, then don’t miss Tom MacDonald’s fantastic
When: Wed 11th May 2022 10.30am
Where: Online
Booking Link:

Embracing the digital world: providing services to the community and how
websites and social media can promote the facility
When: 05 May 2022 10.30
Where: Englefield To be confirmed
Booking Link:

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