Fantastic opportunity for people living in Hungerford (or surrounding areas) to access help with rising energy costs while reducing climate-damaging emissions.

Although this opportunity is at a very local level for those living in Hungerford (or surrounding areas) we had to share this fantastic opportunity from Hungerford Environmental Action Team (HEAT).

HEAT is delighted to announce that it has been awarded a Lottery Community Fund “Together for our Planet” grant. The money will be used to help the community address the challenge of steeply rising home energy costs while reducing climate-damaging emissions. 
The grant gives us a fantastic opportunity to assist households in Hungerford and the surrounding areas to work out their own tailored home-energy plans. The plans will have the dual goals of heating and running a home with lowered energy consumption and costs and, at the same time, making your home much more environmentally-friendly.
HEAT hopes that during 2022 many residents will become involved in and start feeling the benefits. We will be holding events over the coming months in the lead-up to an all-day exhibition taking place in Hungerford Town Hall on Saturday 24th September.
25 May – Insulation and draught proofing
9 June – Heating control and smart meters
23 June – Solar PV (photo voltaic) energy and batteries
All being held in the Hungerford Hub (library) at 7pm.
You can help us now with this initiative in the following ways:- 
–       If have already had success with your own household energy reduction and climate-friendly actions, HEAT would love to hear from you. We are looking for case studies to feature as part of the programme which illustrate the practical actions people have already taken whether its increased insulation, better heating controls or renewable energy heating. You will also be entered into our Hungerford Energy Hero Awards with the winners announced at the September event. 
 – If you work in or know about companies and organisations with relevant experience or knowledge which you can recommend, or who might be keen to participate in this initiative please let us know.
 – What are the main concerns and questions you or people you know are facing with their household energy use and costs? We are keen to focus HEAT’s events on the most important topics. 
 – Are you able to help? This is an ambitious project for HEAT and we would really welcome your support, in any capacity. Whether you have relevant skills and knowledge or if you can lend a hand organising and/or promoting the events, we would love to hear from you. 
Please email us about any of the above and/or if you are interested in starting on your own Home Energy Roadmap: 

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