GreenFest returning to West Berkshire in 2022

GreenFest is a community-driven sustainability event packed with expert speakers, thought-provoking exhibitions, a market showcasing sustainable
products, live entertainment, and local food.

Additionally, there will be a wide range of professional sustainability advice on offer, activities, workshops and games for the children. And best of all, in GreenFest tradition – it will all be free! Our goal at GreenFest is to dismantle the misconceptions and barriers around sustainability and make it accessible for all.

GreenFest is a purely nonprofit event organised entirely by volunteers from various local parishes across West Berkshire. It is a community-driven
festival run by the people for the people because we believe it’s important to make sustainability accessible to all and we hope it will be key to inspiring people to continue (or begin) their journey towards a sustainable future.

We hope GreenFest 2022 will creatively showcase the choices available to us and highlight local sustainable heroes in business, education, art, agriculture and the community. We hope it will be an educating, inspiring and fun-filled day for families and people of all ages looking to make impactful changes in their lives – and have FUN as they do it! For further details click here.

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