Small rural charities say they are having increasing problems using banking services .

ACRE’s Policy Adviser, Jeremy Leggett blogs on emerging findings from a survey of community organisations who claim it is becoming even more difficult to manage their bank accounts as services move online

For the last few months, ACRE Network members, of which CCB is one, have been receiving cries for help from rural community organisations over banking services. The ‘presenting symptoms’ have been further closures of rural bank branches, sudden imposition of charges, difficulties changing signatories and problems resulting from trying to move to online banking.

It is often the case that rural areas experience the downside of economic and consumer trends before urban areas due to their smaller populations and reduced incentive for the market to offer choice. They can also be slower to receive the benefits of change for the same reason. Rural areas have recent experience of this in the commercially led roll-out of both broadband and mobile phone networks. However, in the case of access to banking services, rural community organisations have not been alone; many urban small charities are voicing similar concerns. To read the rest of this article click here.

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