Could you be the catalyst for the creation of decent, affordable homes in your community?

Community led housing is a growing movement led by ordinary people who are passionate about creating high quality, affordable housing in their communities. These community-led schemes involve extensive consultation to understand local housing need and lead to assets that are owned and/or managed by the community. The homes created can be for occupation by specific groups of people or to meet general affordable housing need in the community and are protected as affordable housing in perpetuity.

There are different models of community-led housing and the definitions can be found on the Collaborative Housing Website. Community Led Homes, a partnership between the Confederation of Co-operative housing, Locality, the National Community Land Trust Network and UK Cohousing, share examples of housing schemes on their website.

The benefits of community led housing are many. This list is taken from the website of the Communities Housing Trust that supports the creation of community-led housing in Scotland:

  • It provides additional supply of homes that would not be available through mainstream housing delivery;
  • Generates community support for new homes;
  • Helps diversify the house building types and tenure options in communities;
  • Assists the local economy and trades provision;
  • Empowers and builds capacity within community groups and sets a positive example to others;
  • Helps to attract financial investment to communities;
  • Improves spaces and the built environment;
  • Provides choice for older people needing age appropriate housing;
  • Gives younger people an opportunity to realise their housing ambitions;
  • Supports sustainable and economically vibrant communities;
  • Helps people afford to rent, buy or build their own homes;
  • Supports an innovative approach to partnership working and to providing solutions;
  • It can support social and economic growth in the community.

In September 2022, CCB will be holding a training event to share examples of community-led housing schemes and to answer your questions about where to start. The event will be of interest to town and parish councils, neighbourhood planning groups and anyone with an interest in affordable housing for their community. To register your interest, please contact Tim Parry at CCB.  

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