FareShare Go Scheme: Getting unsold food direct from local stores to charities for free 

FareShareGetting unsold food direct from local stores to charities for free.

The food we redistribute is fresh, quality and in date surplus from the food industry and the charities we work with can be found across the UK. Last year we redistributed enough food for 25.8 million meals. But it’s about more than meals. The organisations we supply food to – from breakfast clubs for disadvantaged children, to homeless hostels, community cafes and domestic violence refuges – are places that provide life changing support, as well as lunch and dinner. By making sure good food is not wasted, we turn an environmental problem into a social solution.

We use simple technology, provided by our partner FoodCloud, to match charities and community groups directly with a local Tesco store that has unsold food. By working together we cut down on waste, save organisations money and help provide nutritious meals to people in need.

How does it work?

1. The charity/organisation nominates one or more mornings per week that they are available to collect surplus food from their local store.

2. On the evening prior to nominated collection day at 7:30pm, they will be notified via text that their donation is available for collection.

3. The fresh surplus food will be packaged and available for collection from the store from 7-10am. Organisations are not obliged to take everything that is available.

4. The food then needs to be taken back to the registered premises, rather than the staff member’s house.

5. There are also Evening collections where charities/groups can collect anytime between 8.30pm-10pm available from Tesco Metro and Tesco Extra stores

What food is available?

  • Baked goods – from loaves of bread to pastries
  • Fruit and vegetables• Dried goods (e.g. cereals, tins, pasta)
  • Chilled goods – including meat and dairy products (evening collections only)

How can you use the food?

If you have a community café or provide a meal for your clients then this is a fantastic way to add some extras to the food you already provide. If you have a weekly group you could use the bread to provide tea and toast, or snacks for people attending. There is also the opportunity to provide small food parcels if you have identified some residents or clients who are in need of food to supplement their income.

Can my organisation receive food?

In order to receive food, your organisation needs to be equipped to receive, store, prepare and serve foods safely. However, charities and community groups do not need to cook meals and they can distribute food to vulnerable people in the form of food parcels. We will need to come and visit you to make sure that everything is in place with regards to food safety before you can start collecting.

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