Post Office News – November 2019: Barclays u-turns on ending cash withdrawal service at POs

Barclays has reversed its decision to prevent customers withdrawing cash at post offices reports the Citizens Advice. Barclays’ announcement that from January, its debit card holder would no longer be able to withdraw cash from a post office counter prompted fury from MPs and consumer groups.

Cancelling the plan, Barclays said it had been persuaded to rethink its proposals by the argument that offering the service is “crucial at this point to the viability of the post office network.”

Barclays had been the only one of 28 banks not to fully sign up to a new Banking Framework agreement which ensures consumers can continue to access everyday banking services at post offices. The new agreement also sees an increase in payments for postmasters providing these services. The government consistently cites Post Office banking services as a key part of
the solution to bank branch closures.

Barclays closed around 500 branches since 2015, and an estimated 15 million cash withdrawals were made by Barclays customers at post offices last year. Citizens Advice is currently undertaking research into Post Office banking. For further details see their blog or contact

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