Helping individuals to stay warm this winter in Berkshire

Our Energy Advisor & Project Co-ordinator Helen has been out and about in West Berkshire and Slough this month, running information and advice sessions with groups supporting families. At Compton, Helen met a parent she had advised previously. That parent was pleased to inform Helen that she was now using her economy seven heating properly, had claimed the Warm Home Discount, and had saved £60 per month on her gas and electricity costs, a total of (£860 saving a year!!). Most importantly though this has resulted in her family being warm at home and no longer having to use extra clothing and blankets to avoid the cold.

Helen has also run a training session for social workers on how they can support and advise the vulnerable families they support, to reduce their home energy costs and claim any additional income they are entitled to.

Helen’s top-tip,
if you work with low-income families, or those on a low-income with long term
health conditions, tell them to claim
The Warm Home Discount now! In
previous years the big suppliers have closed for new applications in December.

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