New volunteer experts to support CCB

At the end of 2019, CCB applied to the Government’s Analytical Volunteering Programme (, through the NCVO ( for support with data analysis in conjunction with our loneliness and social isolation project. We’re delighted to report that CCB have been matched with two volunteers.

Marine Roux is from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and Adam Secret is from the Home Office. Both have the ideal mix of skills and experience in researching and working with data that we need to make sense of the many indicators that, in combination, will give our project fresh insight into the scale and nature of social isolation amongst older people in Berkshire.

With help from Marine and Adam, we hope to develop a tool that will enable us to quantify the numbers of people within any given geography within Berkshire, based on an appropriate range of criteria. This should give the communities we are working with some valuable insights into the appropriateness of the range of current social activities taking place already, as well as the scale of potential demand for new social activities that target specific, under-represented groups.

For more information on this project, please contact Tim Parry at

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